Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Second Grade Animal Tagxedos

During this week's library classes, 2nd graders created group Tagxedo word clouds to share what they have learned in class about owls, bats and spiders. Great work second graders!

Mrs. Dickerson's Class

Mrs. Schachner's Class

Ms. Tiller's Class

Ms. Josey's Class

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guest Reader: Welcome Back Mr. Dearybury!

We had a special guest in the library this week: Jed Dearybury (Mr. D.) stopped by to share a favorite book and lesson with Ms. Tiller's second graders. Students heard Tony DiTerlizzi's Caldecott Honor Book, The Spider and the Fly, and created spider web doodles. Written in 1829, The Spider and the Fly is a famous poem by Mary Howitt. DiTerlizzi's illustrations cast the poem in a film noir, black and white style, with a villain and a damsel in distress. Mr. D. invited the students to identify the tone and feel of the story and, no doubt, turned our 2015 students into fans of this classic poem. Link to Tony DiTerlizzi's website.

As an A.B.C. (Arts in Basic Curriculum) school, Woodland Heights is all about infusing the arts into all elements of our school. Mr. D. guided the 2nd graders through a spider web doodle activity. Check out the results below!

The Spider and the Fly image:

Tagxedo Time

One of our favorite go-to tech tools in the library is Tagxedo.
Tagxedo has many applications and uses for technology integration.
Ideas to inspire: 101 Ways to Use Tagxedo. 

This week our 5th graders are creating Tagxedos as the final product in their Animal Research unit. Students conducted research in class with Mrs. Felton and compiled a list of terms to describe their chosen animal. These terms are used to create an animal Tagxedo. Here are some examples of students' Animal Tagxedos:
Areya's Sea Turtle
Alia's African Elephant
Cooper's Hippo